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1.Maintain method

Firstly, be sure to use it often. It is better to full charge and discharge the product once a month at least. The newly purchased power bank can be used to charge directly since the remaining power bank is above 50%. Try not to full charge and discharge.

Secondly, the power bank should be kept with at least 50% power. Stores full charged or discharge can be harmful for the power banks

Thirdly, keep the power bank off high temperature, low temperature, other metal materials; they should be stored in the right environment such as room temperature, dry, ventilative and cool

Last, try not to move, shock, tread, hammer or even dismantle the product, these may cause danger

2.Structure of power bank

Power banks are made of battery, PCB and the shell material

3.What is the difference between Lithium and Li-polymer, which one is better?

Polymer battery belongs to Li-ion battery. Li-battery is devided into steel shell Lithuim Ion battery and Li-polymer battery, both cathode and anode are of the same material, but the electrolyte of Lithuim Ion battery is liquid, while the Li-polymer battery is colliod. Stell shell Li-ion battery is more powerful, while the shape of polymer battery can be various, it is covered by soft aluminum and plastic material. For WOPOW power banks, WOPOW is using A class 18650 cells(one of the Li-ion battery) and safety PCB board to protect your device from over charge, over voltage, short circuit etc.

4. Times for charging your devices

Times = capacity of power bank*conservation rate( WOPOW can reach up to 90%)* conservation rate of devices/battery of the devices


1). For a 2200mAh battery, the real power will be about 1584 after energy consersion, so it can charge your iphone5/4S/4 only one time

2). For a 2500mAh battery, the real power will be about 1800 after energy consersion, so it can charge your iphone5/4S/4 only 1.2times

3). For a 3000mAh battery, the real power will be about 2160 after energy consersion, so it can charge your iphone5/4S/4 only 1.4times

5.The real capacity is lower than the nominal bbattery during use. Why?

The capacity of a power bank, actually means the capacity of the batteries inside. In the process of charging your devices, there are power consumption, such as the PCB, the connectors, the mobile phone itself, so there will differences between the real power and the nominal power. The power consumption is mainly in the following three parts:

First, when charging, the boost consumption is about 8%, for the conservation rate, WOPOW is No.1 here

Second, protection of PCB( over charge, over voltage, short circuit), the power sonsumption is 2%

Third, the resistance will cause power consumption, and this is depends on the mobile phone battery and the date cable, choose a original cable can save the power for you!

6. How to calculate the conservation rate?

Conservation rate = (real discharge power* average discharge voltage)/(real battery power*battery voltage), 80% is a must for qualified power bank.

Question: If the input voltage is 5V, and the rated input voltage lower than 5V, the devices can not be charged?

Answer: It is suitable

7. Range of application of WOPOW power bank

Full support with 95% of the all the mobile phones in the market, and the tablets suitable for 5V-2A, and the other digital devices

8.Why WOPOW can not charge some of Samsung, NOKIA phones?

There are 3 cases:

1.       Different charging mode, the mode of some old models is different than the current standard, but we can use a extra connecter to solve this problem

2.       For some of NOKIA models, we have to use original cable because of the short circuit protection

3. For some of NOKIA models, there is a protection for the battery, once the current exceed 0.5A, the battery will be shut down automatically

9. Can WOPOW power bank charge the PC and camera?

Power bank is a battery back up product for mobile phone and tablet, the output voltage is 5V, but the PC require at least 11V, camera 6.8V, so they can not be charged. They can be charged if the input voltage is 5V, but we have to consider the compatibility of the charging cable.

10.Which brand of the battery WOPOW are using, any disadvantages?

WOPOW power banks are using A level batteries, such as Samsung, LC etc, all the batteries are strictly test by 72 hrs aging test to ensure the safety and capacity.

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