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Terms and conditions of after Sales Service

Thank you for buying our product!

All the products from our factory are sold through strict factory qualified inspection and we provide the perfect after-sales service guarantee. To protect your consumer rights and interests, please read carefully the following service regulations.

1 Warranty service valid time

Since the date of purchase the products, using the device after the user manual and the specification, the device can enjoy the following security service: mobile power bank and adapter 1 year replacement, USB cable for 3 months.

2,If the following situations occurs, will not enjoy the replacement service even in the warranty time

1 Remove or repair the products privately caused damage

2 The external voltage instability caused damage

3 Obvious physical damage, such as: obvious cracks, hurt, squeeze, deformation, etc

4 the other damage caused by improper use the product.

3 Rules for factory replacement

In the warranty period, if you need return the product
please directly  deliver the products to the factory by Courier and fill a paper to indicate following items:

A buyer’s name

B buying time

C products issues

D user’s address name and mobile no.

PS: The shipping cost caused by replacing the product will be share on half by both our factory and buyer.


Factory contact information

Name: Shenzhen Wopow Technology Co., Ltd

Contact name:Wayne Hu

Address:9# Xiaweiyuan Industry park,Gushu Baoan ,Shenzhen Guangdong,518102

We provide users with pre-sale, sale, after-sale etc the whole marketing chain service and support. If need any product information query (operation method, specification, maintenance mode and authorized repair agent, etc.) feel free to contact with our service center or view our WOPOW website.

+86-150 1411 4609

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